Floral striped gift bag

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Cut a printed scrapbook sheet into two pieces of 30x15cm. Trim them down to 27cm long.

Score each piece at 20cm and 26 cm. Fold on the scores, with the printed side you would like on the outside.

Cut firm cardstock 24x10cm. Score as indicted on the photo and trim away small wedges from 4 corners. Then fold the scored sides and adhere in the corners to make a "box" as the base for the gift bag.

Adhere the two pieces of printed paper to each other (use the 1cm scored edges for overlaps on the inside) and adhere this long strip aound the base of the bag.

Die cut a decorative element and adhere to the front of the gift bag.

Cut two narrow strips of paper from the same printed paper - or co-ordinating paper - and adhere the ends on the top inside of the bag for handles.

Decorate the bag with handmade flowers. I used Heartfelt Creations Flowering dogwood blooms from my stash.

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