Shimmery butterflies

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These pretty, shimmery butterflies are easy to  make.


1. Use a good quality shimmer card stock such as Curious metal 300gsm. The pigments work beautifully on this. I find that the cheaper Chinese version of shimmer crad stock does not give the same, quality effect.

2. Randomly and very lightly sprinkle shimmer pigments such as Cosmic Shimmer Pixie or Brusho - you really need very little. On the sample below, I used Pixie pigments in Candy Pink and  Brusho violet. I also added a bit of Pixie in Peacock Green.

3. Use a spray bottle and mist the whole sheet of card stock until the colours flow very well into each other. In the pictures below you see the progress as I kept spraying. You may tilt the wet paper, so that colours may spread, blending even more. You may stop whenever you are happy with the results. However, the finished, dried result will still be a bit different.

4. Let the card stock dry completely - preferably a couple of hours in warm conditions. Damp card stock will not give good die-cutting results. I prefer to use a piece of fun foam (available from craft stores and Crazy Store) between my card stock and the cutting plate for a nice, rounded, die-cut effect without having to run the dies through the die-cutting machine a second time for the embossed effect - saves so much time.

5. Die cut your butterflies and complete with bling. The first butterflies were made using the Ultimate Crafts Widespread butterfly.

These used the PMD Swallowtail butterfly and Signature Collection Chic Butterflies.

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  • Thanks Marie for the post. Was easy to ready and very easy instructions to follow. Can’t wait to try it out

    Kerry on
  • These are stunning! Love them all!

    Angela Bonanno on
  • Thanks. I love The butterflies. This tecnique is easy but effective.

    Lincey Phoenix on
  • They are beautiful Marie, thank you for sharing.

    Erika Sinclair on
  • Absolutely stunning so pretty Marie!
    Shopping list please need to make some ?

    Denise Johnstone on

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